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ONLY Native Speaking Editors

We do NOT outsource to the Philippines, India or other areas of the world where English is simply a complementary “mother” language.

Our editors are born native speakers of English and have achieved all their education and training in the first language of English. Manuscript-Editing-Services.com’s editors are originally from the US, Canada, England, New Zealand or Australia.



What is the Editing Price per Page?

You can select if you prefer the price per word or the price per page option. The rates are pennies per word and determined by:


  • Type of document
  • Delivery time
  • Total size of your file
  • Level of service

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You can select from a full-range of editing services with Manuscript-Editing-Services.com.  

- Regular Editing- Corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation, verb tense, transitions, and more.

- Research Editing- Includes Regular Editing + formatting of citations, references and footnotes according to your style guide.

- Content Editing - Includes Regular Editing and Research Editing + auxiliary sentence re-writes and review of plot and character elements for consistency.

- Comprehensive Editing- Includes all of the above. An in-depth service with significant content re-writes to ensure a smooth presentation with consistent plot/character elements. Includes a professional editorial review.

- Basic Proofreading- Includes checking your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and subject-verb agreement.

- Reduction Editing - We reduce your document's total word count. We delete, omit and truncate excess language to your specifications.

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